Obedience Training 3

Title: Obedience Training 3: Broken
Series: Obedience Training #3
Release Date: April 7, 2019

After he walks out on Daniel, Nathan starts playing at a BDSM club. The last person he expects to find there is Daniel. They have a second chance to make things work, but Nathan wants more than just the kink. How can Daniel prove to Nathan that his feelings for him are real?


Also in this series: Obedience Training, Obedience Training 2

“You have a nice body,” Aaron observed. “And a very pretty cock.” Little Nate twitched and looked up. I was half-hard from all the preamble, and Aaron’s praise gave me another jolt of arousal. I’d always been a sucker for a compliment.

He nodded to the spanking bench. “Over the bench, please.”

I positioned myself gingerly over the black padded bench. There were straps for my ankles and wrists, and the angle of the bench tilted my hips up and left my cock dangling free.

I felt his hand on my ankle and jumped.

“Just me,” Aaron said. I heard the smile in his voice. His fingers were sure on the strap, and soon my right ankle was bound tightly to the bench, then the left one.

As he handled the preliminaries, I tried to pin down my ping-ponging emotions. It was hot, sure—and Little Nate was getting harder by the second. Aaron had the same dommy presence Daniel had, just not with the same intensity.

I heard him move behind me, then his hand came down on my ass with a satisfying smack.

It almost turned my knees to jelly, it was so close to what I’d been craving these last few days. Deprived endorphins rushed to fill my head with sweet floaty goodness.

Another smack, again almost but not quite enough. “You can do it harder, Daddy,” I said, after a dozen of those.

Aaron rubbed my ass. It was probably red by now but he hadn’t been hitting hard enough to bruise. “Do you want the paddle?”

Next time it will be the cane.

I shivered and pushed Daniel’s voice out of my head. “No, Daddy.” The truth was, I hated the paddle. Even when it was Daniel wielding it. Maybe especially when it was Daniel wielding it. The paddle was punishment, and it got to me like nothing else. “If your hand’s tired, we can try something else.”

Aaron pinched my ass—the first zing I’d felt all night. “I can plug you up if you want, baby.”

Baby. Daniel used to call me that. I groaned. I really needed to get that fucker out of my head.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay, Daddy. A dildo would be good. You can come on me if you want.”

I heard Aaron behind me, then felt the blunt head of the dildo pushing between my spread ass cheeks. He’d picked a prostate stimulator, I realized, and my toes curled with anticipation.

“You gonna come like this?” he said, in a low voice going for sexy. He started fucking it in and out of me, hitting that sweet spot.

I was starting to get into this. “Yeah,” I said. “Gonna come if you keep fucking me, Daddy.”

Aaron growled. He really liked the daddy talk, and to be honest, I kind of did too.

“If you’re a good boy maybe I’ll let you.”

I closed my eyes and remembered when Daniel had fucked me with the big black dildo for the first time. How I’d been sure I couldn’t take it, until Daniel had showed me I could. And then when he’d fucked me with it on his bathroom floor, after he’d locked my dick up—how good it had felt to be fucked, even though I couldn’t come.

Well, Little Nate was free at last, and I could come all I wanted.