Obedience Training 2

Title: Obedience Training 2
Series: Obedience Training #2

Nathan wants what Daniel's giving him, but he can't help but resist at every turn. He no longer know where their arrangement stops and their relationship begins—if there even is a relationship. Can Nathan figure out what he wants? And even more, what Daniel is willing to give? Enema and prostate play, male chastity, and consensual BDSM.

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The cock cage was Daniel’s idea, of course. I’d only agreed to it because of a pretty fucking unfair bargain we’d made, one that I was still fuming about.

 “I’m not forcing you to wear it, Nathan,” Daniel had said in response to my complaints. “But you know the terms of the deal.”

He wasn’t talking about our main deal, the one where I played Daniel’s games and he let me stay in his swank apartment until I found a job. This one was even more diabolical.

“It’s a stupid deal.”

Daniel’s eyebrow raised. He was perfectly capable of classifying stupid as a swear word. At the least it was disrespectful, and I knew I was earning some strokes with the paddle.

“I don’t understand what one has to do with the other. Why I can only sleep with you in your room if I wear the cage.”

“It’s the deal you agreed to.”

“But it’s unfair.”

He laughed with genuine amusement. “Life is unfair, Nathan.”

Which goes to show you what a fucker Daniel was.

It should have been an easy fix: take off the cage and sleep in the guest room. But the guest room was lonely. I didn’t like being banished there after I’d blown him or he’d fucked my ass, like I wasn’t good enough to stay in his bed.

And it had been a fun diversion at first, seeing how needy he could make me by locking up my dick. Part of me had liked testing myself to how much I could take. How long I could last.

The answer to that? Not long. So I had no discipline. I could live with that, even if Daniel couldn’t.

But he was right. I’d agreed to his terms, and if I no longer wanted to hold up my end of the bargain, then Daniel saw no reason to hold up his. That was how things worked between us.