Recalcitrant Pet 2: The Master

Title: Recalcitrant Pet: The Master
Series: Recalcitrant Pet #2
Release Date: 08/13/2020

Rian loves being a pet, and even more he loves being paired with dominant alpha pet Jayce. When they’re bought as a set by Master Eric, Jayce’s hidden side spices up the threesome—but will it be too hot for Rian to handle?


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“Master wants you in a set,” Trace said, surveying myself and Jayce, who were among the last to receive costumes. Master had put Trace in charge after we’d all devolved into arguing about who would wear what. “I was thinking these lizard outfits.”

I frowned. Lizard didn’t sound particularly sexy, which was the point of the party—for masters to think of sex when they saw us, and to want to buy us so they could have it with us all the time.

But when Trace held the masks up, I saw they were more dragonish than lizard-like. Jayce’s looked even more like a dragon—his mask had huge dragon eyes, and though mine was smaller, it had a bit of dragon feel, too. The rest of the costume was a set of shimmering green-gold scales that could be pasted all over the body, as revealing or not as you wanted them to be.

I was used to being naked all the time, so I wasn’t much concerned with being too revealing. Trace helped Jayce with his scales first, but when he started to paste mine on me, I couldn’t help but fidget, moving around to try to see where he was putting them, which I knew was exasperating Trace to no end.

Finally, Trace stood up. “You put them on him,” he said crossly to Jayce. “I’ve got other pets to dress.”

Jayce took the scales from him. “Hold still,” he said in a firm voice, the one that promised spanking if I didn’t obey. With a sigh I held still, except for some mild excited trembling as he finished putting the scales on me. He stood back to survey his work. “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

I turned around in a circle, trying to see them. “How do I look?”

Amused, he said, “There’s a mirror over there, brat. Go see for yourself.”

I trotted over to the mirror and studied the effect critically. Jayce had placed the scales along the contours of my body, framing my nipples and my cock, and I really did look like a lizard-dragon. A sexy lizard-dragon.

Jayce came up behind me and put his big hands on my shoulders. “You look hot, slut,” he murmured in my ear.

I shivered. Jayce looked really good, too. We looked really good together.

“You know Master wants to sell us as a pair, right?”

My brow furrowed in the mirror. “There are owners who want that?”

“Sure.” His arm curled around my waist and he mouthed my ear. “One pet to fuck, and the other….”

He left the statement open, though I knew what he’d been going to say. The idea of a pet fucking a master seemed so odd to me. “Do you think we’ll meet one at the party?”

“Maybe. I’m sure that’s the hope, anyway.”

I’d been at Master Liam’s almost four months now. I loved Master, but he had other pets, and the thought of a master of my own made my breath quicken. To have Jayce there with me…well, that would be even better.

“I hope so,” I said.

Jayce laughed and nipped my ear. “Me too. It’s hard keeping you satisfied all on my own.”